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Contramestre Massapê

Capoeira Luanda San Diego


Tel: (619) 701-7613

Capoeira Professional Info.


      My name is Andre Amado and in Capoeira I am know by Contramestre


    In 2002, during my second year studying Psychology in Brazil and teaching yoga, I fell in love with the capoeira teaching profession and decided to work and dedicate the rest of my life to capoeira.

    I have been training since 1993 and teaching since 1999 more or less casually, but after 2002 I finished the last three years of my Bachelor’s degree studying capoeira intensely at my University. I stopped teaching Yoga after three years of great experiences, and dedicated myself to studying, training intensively and teaching the art of capoeira as much as I could. Now in 2018, I have completed 38 years of martial arts, 25 of which have been dedicated to capoeira. It was the best choice I've made and I'm extremely happy with it! happy with it!






Capoeira Work Experience


   Teaching Capoeira
     (1999 - Present)


     25 years training Capoeira and 19 years teaching Capoeira.


    I started teaching capoeira during my first year in Psychology at PUC-Rio back in 1999, helping my teacher. Since then, it has been a long road. I already taught classes and courses in a few different countries: Brazil, New Zealand, many different states of the US, and Mexico.


     During my career, I have taught classes for all sorts of groups and people, from groups of over 200 teenagers at once for the non-profit organization Athletes for Education in San Diego, CA, to private individuals and groups. I've taught in well over 20 different gyms, at least 13 different public and private schools, including after school programs, just in the San Diego Area, and also for kids from correctional facilities and kids with different psychological or even physical disabilities.


     Since 2002, I have taught and performed in many different venues from small coffee shops, dance and other stages, theaters and street carnival parades, to a full Petco Park Stadium (baseball stadium in San Diego) for the World Finals of Rugby. However, the The Youth Promise Act, a performance held in Washington D.C. at the House of the Senate, is one that I hold dearly in my career in the United States of America.



    Leading My Own Group: Massapê Capoeira

     (2010 to 2013)


     This experience taught me a lot. I was humbled to understand that I had a long way to go and needed guidance and support. One of the most important things I learned is how important it is to have a Mestre connected with the roots and traditions of capoeira to guide, teach and inspire.



    Head Professor of Capoeira Luanda San Diego

      (2013 - Present)


     In 2013 I was accepted by the renowned capoeira master and world class choreographer Mestre Jelon Vieira as his student and disciple. Since then, it is been the greatest experience yet, to study with and represent the pioneer of capoeira in the USA with over 50 years of experience with this art form. All his knowledge directs us to keep connected with the deep roots of Capoeira that he personally experienced in Bahia, Salvador, Brazil. At the same time with his experience as a world renowned choreographer, he exposes his students and keeps us connected with what is most modern in this art form.



     Capoeira Workshop: "Teach For Kids With Mestre Toni Vargas"



     This workshop was a very pleasant class day at a ranch in Rio de Janeiro with Mestre Toni Vargas. Back in 2002 I have had the pleasure to host Mestre Toni at my place while I was living and working with capoeira in San Diego and I found out what an amazing and charming capoeirista and human being Mestre Toni is. However, taking his class about how to teach for kids was amazing! It took me to another level of teaching and opened my psychologist eyes to how much I can use the imaginary elements of capoeira to approach, communicate with and teach kids. His class is at once very academic and emotional, and one of the most important workshops I took about how to teach capoeira.


    Workshops & Classes with renowed Masters and Researchers
     (1994 - Present)
     - Lectures:Carlos Eugênio Soares, Mestre João Grande, Mestre Itapoan, Mestre Nestor Capoeira, Mestre Acordeon, Mestre Deputado...
     - Classes and Workshops: Mestre Jelon, Mestre João Grande, Mestre Itapoan, Mestre Acordeon, Mestre Onca Preta, Mestre Luizinho de Bimba, Mestre Deputado, Mestre Suassuna, Mestre Suino, Mestre Mao Branca, Mestre Nestor Capoeira, Mestre Peixinho, Mestre Garincha, Mestre Gil Velho, Mestre Ramos, Mestre Toni Vargas, Mestre Paulinho Sabiá, Mestre Boneco, Mestre Paulão do Ceará, Mestre Balão, Mestre Espirro Mirim, and many more...
High Light Skills


- 38 years on Martial Arts

- 25 years of Capoeira

- 19 years Teaching Capoeira

- Brazilian Bachelors in

     Psychology 2005

- Yoga Teacher

- Studied Body Therapy - Reich

- Personal Life Coach

- Great Communicaton Skills

- Very Experienced with

     kids and adults


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2010 - present

2010 - present



   Pontificia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro - "PUC-Rio"

    (1999 - 2005)


     I earned my bachelor in Psychology in January 2005 in one of the most prestigious universities in Rio de Janeiro, achieving the highest possible scores on both of my final tests. My graduation theses was about capoeira (supervised by the notorious, Monique Augras) and on my one year internship in Body Psychotherapy (Wilhelm Reich).

     For 3 of those 5 amazing years of study I had the opportunity to dedicate an enormous amount of energy studying capoeira under many different psychological perspectives and beyond: Psychology and Development; Social Psychology; Psychology and Sports; Psychology and Linguistics; Group Dynamics; Psychology and Creativity; Psychology and Religion; Psychology and Culture; Psychology and Anthropology. Even some philosophy and business teachers heard about capoeira, as well as a considerable amount about yoga. Prior to getting professionally involved with capoeira, I taught yoga for over 3 years, two of them as PUC-Rio P.E. department teacher .

     I'm also very proud to have promoted capoeira special education students' participation at our Psychology Week of 2004. That was an event held by psychology students to enrich our perspectives. Under Capoeira Brasil's Mestre Naval's direction, we had capoeira students with many different levels of disabilities, physically and mentally performing, enjoying and playing capoeira in the middle of our University campus. It was a very emotional and special moment in my capoeira career!!



    - Ballroom Dance WORKSHOP: Stácio de Sá University, 1998.


    -  Contemporary Dance CLASSES: at Pontificia Universidade Catolica (PUC -Rio) during one year (two semesters)


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