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 -Capoeira first class or visitor come:

NORTH PARK- 3980 30th St. San Diego, CA 92104       OR       POINT LOMA - 2650 Truxtun Rd, San Diego, CA 92106

- Capoeira Luanda San Diego -CLSD- is under the direction of Professor Massapê supervised by Mestre Jelon -



      Our School is deeply connected to the roots of our art! We understand and teach Capoeira as a complete traditional and holistic art form and lifestyle.


        Here you will find a safe, structured, harmonious and energizing environment to learn and have fun! From beginners with no experience at all to advanced players with years of capoeira training- everyone is welcome to come train both the fundamentals and advanced skills!


       Professor Massapê is the head of Capoeira Luanda San Diego, and he strives to offer health, well-being and personal growth to the students in every class! You are very welcome to come, share and enjoy our philosophy and good energy. It is really easy to check out the free trial class with us!



    FIRST CLASS / Begginners




  Lose and confortable pants you could make gymnastics with (no shorts please) and a confortable t-shirt... For the ladies, use sports bra underneath.


     Bring a water bottle...




   Arrive early enough to park your car, and get at the studio 15 min. before class. Give yourself 10 extra min. for parking.




   You will fill out basic information and the waiver paperwork before you can join in class. If you eventually get there late and the class is going on, wait until the instructor is able to get to you...


     After filing up the paper work, take your shoes off and take the floor pre stretch before class start or chat with the other students...




      Join in the class in the back line for the warm up and stretching. Behind everybody you can: besides of hear the instructor directions, mimic the older students in front of you.


   Be attentive to details and gentle on your Body once your muscles and mind are just getting to know capoeira and vice versa... Even if you have background in other sports activities, be nice to your body... You are the only one that knows your limits... We are very attentive to prevention and staying healthy at CLSD! Soon enough you will be ready to push full on!


    After get done with the warm up, generally, we split the class in groups according to the levels and you will be taken to the side and introduced or re-introduced to the basics steps in order to build a strong base and fundamentals for your capoeira development... 


     In general takes a couple classes - more or less - to start training with partners...


     We welcome walk in!


   Come check us out! Get some workout, release the stress and have fun doing so!

Thank you, Professor Massapê!

You are  welcome to contact

me for more questions...  










- All classes are all levels-


      The Adults Class at Capoeira Luanda San Diego School will present you this art form in it's full potential: Culture, Martial Art, Music, Dance, Acrobatics, Portuguese Language and lots of fun and great social moments as well...


   Professor Massape's Psychology background together with the 26 years of Capoeira experience will get you in shape and keep you inspired to handle and overcome your own personal limits to  keep developing in Capoeira and in life!


    A regular adults class includes:  stretching & warm up; practice of the "Ginga" the basic "dance" step of Capoeira; "Esquivas" the dodge movements; Kicks, Acrobatics; Music: involving instruments playing & singing and also the culture with stories and some Portuguese vocabulary. The songs are in Portuguese, a fun way to learn the language over time... Often we use educational games and positive challenges to make the classes more fun and entertaning for all ages... and, of corse,"Roda de Capoeira" (the circle of people where we play the game  inside with live music) every class!


     All those elements come together in the same class!!! As you can see, Capoeira is a full package - adults and kids alike – naturally - including many classes in one! Come by and check us out...


     "Our Kids Are Our Fucture!"   




Capoeira Luanda San Diego

Kids Classes


     Capoeira class for kids, at Capoeira Luanda San Diego, is tailored to teach this art form while developing our kids in a comprehensive, happy, creative, but structuring and social manner...


     Professor Massapê uses a lot of his psychology background to use Capoeira as a wonderful tool it is to: Educate; Develop freedom of expression; Teach how to move, control and discipline the body, the mind and the comunication skills necessary to socialize... all at the same time and in every class!


      Each and every class involves our kids in: Culture, Body & Emotional Awareness, Martial Art, Music, Dance, Acrobatics, Portuguese and Socialization skills... 


    Together with our kids we create a fun and safe environment that you and them trust so they can, comfortably and positively, develop themselves in several different aspects: physical, social, mental, and emotional! That is how we help them to construct the ways and tools they will need to overcome the struggles (in capoeira class first and in life later) in a very constructive, positive and fun way!


    Our general goal is to be assisting him or her to be a better prepared person and citzen for life and for the challenges that will come on their way... but we still want to have fun during the road playing a lot!


    A regular kids class as well as an adult class, generally, is structured with a stretching and warm up folowing the practice of the basic dance steps of Capoeira: dodge movements, kicks, acrobatics, music training involving instruments playing and singing... The students are also educated about the culture with some stories, words and songs in Portuguese...


   In order to make more exiting and atractive we use a variety of simple and fun educational games with positive challenges for all kids ages!


     Bring your kid(s) to try it out and play with us!




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