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Instructor Massapê from Capoeira Luanda San Diego works hard to keep a high quality

eviroment for our students: kids, teenagers and adults to study, train and enjoy capoeira

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      I have trained with Instructor Massapê for the past year. One thing I look for in a teacher is their love for their art form. Upon walking into his class the first time, it was clear that he enjoys teaching, as well as the art of Capoeira itself. His passion is evident in the many smiling students, training diligently and having fun. Instructor Massapê has a knack for communicating with all levels of students – from beginners to advanced. He breaks down the movements to develop sound and quality fundamentals (or fundaments as he likes to say). He has tremendous skill and demonstrates the moves effectively, while also communicating the mechanics of the movement – he can both show and tell you about the movement. His end goal for his students is to instill the love for Capoeira and to express ourselves as uniquely as our personalities with outstanding skill and having the full breadth of being a Capoerista – playing the musical instruments, singing the Portuguese songs and playing our Capoeira game in the roda. I love the energy of the group. Everyone welcomed me into the group as if I have been there for years. Amazing people who share in the life of training, music, fun and Capoeira! I highly recommend. Axé!


Lester Ancheta on Google 06/2015


     I can't find enough good things to say about Massape Andre Amado! I am a director of a Preschool, and he teaches our 4 year old children weekly. He is encouraging and patient, and a real treat to watch in action. I am also a Mom of 2 children who have taken classes with him, and they gained so much love for Capoeira through the experience. I would recommend him to anyone!


Amy Stanley - Silverman Preschool Principal


     If you want to play Capoeira, this is the place to go!
Massapê is an experienced, likeable, down to earth, motivational, and inspirational powerhouse of a teacher. He just has a great way of engaging you and making you have fun: sweat, spin, kick, flip, sing, and enhance yourself mentally, athletically, and culturally.
He also has a magical way of creating a friendly dynamic within the group. You really get a sense of support and community right from the get-go. You'll meet great people with big heart, and an infectious forever-young attitude.
There are always new challenges, new sequences, new kicks, tricks, lyrics, and acrobatics to conquer, but there's no one in the world better than Massapê to steer you and feed your hunger for Capoeira!
Take the risk!
It's good for the soul ;)
PS- I have a butt now. Thanks, Massape! ;))


Ivan S. Normal Heights, San Diego, CA


    I train capoeira in NYC and visited Massape's class while in SD. He happened to be having a workshop outside that day, which was amazing for a northerner. The entire class was wonderful with welcoming students and great instruction. Most of all, Massape's interest in his students growth and success was even evident with a guest teaching. Highly recommended for all levels! Axé! ~ Canário


Taun T.


    Can I give Massape more than 5 stars? Please?Massape has helped with my daughter's focus, endurance & strength. Also, her rhythm, music, & dance. She's been at it for 9-10 months now and I've seen amazing progress (she's 6 yrs. old, soon to be 7). I love it when she refers to different equipment and moves using the Brazilian word! He's so good with the kids, too! Always happy & encouraging, making them feel like they are challenged, and they can accomplish the more difficult moves.We've been taking the class in La Mesa...while I'm not a fan of the dance studio where he teaches (they're a bit snarky), his class makes up for the location.Thanks, Massape, we're so lucky to have found you!


Alexandra C.

    * Ps by Massapê: We don't teach at that studio anymore...


    Massape's capoeira classes aren't anything less than exhilarating. This man is a master of his art and his passion is truly contagious. Capoeira is a mixture of martial arts, dance, and music. If you are not in the best physical shape (like me), capoeira is a great way to begin. It has made me more flexible, given me endurance, strength and has even made me more aware of my surroundings. Massape will teach you everything he knows about this beautiful art form. He really brings out the best in all of his students. The first class is free so come try it out.


Hector M. Riverside, CA


    Massape is amazing!!! I can say I am not the most in shape person and he takes the time to help me with all movements, it doesn't matter if there are 5 or 50 of us in class, he will take the time to approach you individually and show you what can you do to get your "game" better or just to give you a compliment for an achieved goal. Not only Massape teaches Capoeira the martial arts, he also gets the students involved with the roots of capoeira and the brazilian culture. The children classes are another hit, I have a boy and girl and they both love the class and their teacher. Come and check it out, you won't regret.


Zany Z. San Diego, CA


    I have trained Capoeira in several countries and continent, and are enrolled with Massape since two years. The club and the teacher are awesome, and I have not found the same spirit and sense of competitive friendly atmosphere anywhere else. I keep pushing my limits of what I thought I could do, and Massape is the main reason for this with his acrobatics classes. I would recommend this to anyone, for me it has also helped my back heal from soreness and pain. I never regret going to Massages studio, I hope you will try it too! This is for young and old alike..


Sten Mark


    I have been learning Capoeira from Instructor Massape (Capoeira Luanda) for about two years. The class has not only helped my acrobatics, but has served as a gateway for me to feel comfortable in the world of martial arts. Thus sense of comfortability has allowed me to partake in other martial arts such as BJJ, Muay Thai, boxing, and kickboxing. Massape's class is located in the heart of North Park and draws a young working professional crowd. If you are looking to learn Capoeira, to surround yourself with a positive group of people, and would like to learn from a highly skilled and very passionate Capoeira Instructor, I would highly recommend Massape's class.


Kenneth Maxey


    I've been taking the class with Massape at the World Beat Center for a few months now, and recently started going to the classes at Stage 7 in North Park as well. Massape is extremely knowledgeable about all things capoeira- the music, the acrobatics, the history and culture- and this knowledge is evident every time we train. He has many of the characteristics of what I consider to be a great teacher/ mestre: he gives individual attention to each student so they can improve their respective weaknesses, has a wonderful sense of humor, drives students to push themselves, and knows a lot about group dynamics due to his background in Psychology. (Did I mention he's bad ass?) I highly recommend checking out one of his classes- it's a good way to meet awesome people in a bitchin' space with great energy, learn how to play the instruments, aprender um pouco de portugues, sweat and get your bunda in ship-shape. MUITO LEGAL :).


Jenna P. Alpine, CA

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