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Capoeira for Kids Class 3 to 5 years old & their developmental process...

It is my strong believe that Capoeira classes for the ages of 3 to 5 years old - specifically - are not about teaching them strictly Capoeira... at this age, it is way more about using Capoeira as a tool to help and stimulate the kids, your kid, and their development as a person and citizen immerse in a society.

The focus for the 3 to 5 years old students is on the skills and abilities the kids are developing on their specific stage of their lives to understand themselves, the others and the worls around them...

Using the rich and multiple Capoeira tools I can support and stimulate a successful development process of the children. This means that toguether with them we create a safe, reliable, and each time more, conscious environment for their exploration of the world. We will be working on creating consciousnes around them and inside their little body and minds.

At this age - more at 3 and less as much as they get close to 5 - the boys and grills are experiencing and exploring intensively their inner world. Preschool children are learning to use and test their bodies. The preschool years are a time for learning what they can do individually without invading the "other" sapace and how they can do it.

Locomotion plays a large role in motor and skill development and includes such activities as moving the body through space, walking, running, hopping, jumping, rolling, dancing, climbing, and leaping. Preschoolers use these activities to investigate and explore the relationships among themselves, space, objects in space and others kids… Below are some more of the aspects that kids on this age are developing and that I will be directly supporting and stimulating growth in classes with games, exercises and increasing communication, starting with the 3 years old on:

Language and Thinking Development - Strongly stimulated trough the natural communications process every class. Every explanation becomes each time more complex as well as the exercises and games. In general three years old kids understand most of what is said and 75 percent of their speech is understandable. They speaks in complete sentences of three to five words, they can matches pictures to objects, learns mostly by doing it and through the senses and they understand concepts of "now," "soon," and "later" and are about to begins to recognize cause-and-effect relationships Social and Emotional Development. We will be working a lot with those last one (cause and efect). Here at Capoeira Luanda Kids Class we learn that friends and respect for each other are fundamental for a happy life!

Kids & Adults Capoeira Classes Routines...

A regular Capoeira kids class as well as an adult class includes: stretching, warm up, practice of the basic dance steps of Capoeira, dodge movements, kicks, acrobatics, music - involving instruments playing and singing - also some of the culture with stories, words, songs in Portuguese and lots of simple and fun educational games and positive challenges for all ages; all in the same class!!! As you can see, Capoeira is a full package for kids and adults – naturally - including many classes in one and for the cost of one class only!

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