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Music & Capoeira - Music inspires learning.

In Capoeira, music is present every class! There is no Capoeira without music and even if there is no actual music the player should be imagining a rhythm, a cadence to perform his art.

Music plays (or should play) an important role in every child’s development... Beginning at birth, music stimulates the brain and provides a platform for listening, for languages and for creativity; research shows that children who play an instrument excel academically, including scoring higher on standardized tests.

Studies have shown that playing a musical instrument can measurably enhance a child’s intellectual development: it engages imagination and creativity; promotes concentration and memory retention; develops abstract reasoning skills; sharpens problem-solving skills and emotional development; boosts self-confidence; builds self-discipline; makes learning fun; and as physical developments - sharpens hand-eye coordination; hones sense of rhythm; stimulates social interaction and encourages self-expression; builds relationships with peers bringing people together.


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